February 8th:
The Social Dinner will take at the Circolo Cannottieri Barion 1894, the oldest and most successful sporting club in Bari, on Thursday February 8th, at 20:30, at the cost of € 50. Location: Molo San Nicola 5, 70121, Bari. Please note that the room capacity is for 60-65 persons. Thus, reserve your seat as soon as possible during the registration. For more information: www.canottieribarion.it

February 9th:
Itinerant Show Conference Through the Old City of Bari
, exploring mysteries, bestiaries and hells, natives of Bari and Venetians, in the footsteps of Dante, Boccaccio, and Pasolini. The tour is curated by “I Corsari a Bari Vecchia” (Trifone Gargano, Dante scholar; Antonio V. Gelormini, journalist and essayist, and Pasquale Ruggieri, president of slowtravels.it) (starting time: 15:00 from Teatro Petruzzelli; walking tour duration: 2-2.5 h; tipping tour guides: €10 per participant). Not to be missed!

Program details

CINMPIS DAYS - 7-9 february 2024
Sala “A. Leogrande”, Centro Polifunzionale Studenti, Piazza Cesare Battisti, Bari

Departments of Pharmacy-Drug Sciences and Chemistry - University of Bari Aldo Moro
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